Buy Ketamina 100 lyfeunit

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Ketamine (as hydrochloride) 100 mg.


Containers containing 10 ml and 50 ml.


Bovine, Pig, Equine, Dogs, Cats



Buy Ketamina 100 lyfe unit

General anesthetic in injectable solution for dogs and cats.


Buy Ketamina 100 for cats
Buy Ketamina 100 for cats

Indicated for short general anesthesia. As a single or combined anesthetic agent.
To produce immobilization of the patient in order to perform brief surgical maneuvers or minor diagnostic procedures that do not require muscle relaxation. Buy Ketamina in Europe
In anesthesia of patients with increased risk since it does not compromise the cardiorespiratory system of the animal. In cesarean section due to the absence of fetal toxicity. Buy Ketamina 100 lyfeunit


  • Ketamine base: 10 g
  • Excipients qs: 100 mL

50 mL vial. Buy Ketamina in Belgium


Ketamine (as hydrochloride) 100 mg.


Containers containing 10 ml and 50 ml.


Bovine, Pig, Equine, Dogs, Cats


For the induction of anesthesia:
With xylazine: Xylazine 0.14 – 0.22 mg / Kg bw IV / IM, followed by Ketamine 2 – 5 mg / Kg bw IV (2 – 5 ml / 100 Kg bw).

For the induction of anesthesia:
With azaperone: Ketamine 15 – 20 mg / Kg bw IM (1.5 – 2 ml / 10 Kg) and 2 mg / Kg bw azaperone IM.

For the induction of anesthesia:
With detomidine: Detomidine 20 µg / Kg bw IV, after 5 minutes Ketamine 2.2 mg / Kg bw IV fast (2.2 ml / 100 Kg bw).
With xylazine: Xylazine 1.1 mg / Kg bw IV, followed by Ketamine 2.2 mg / Kg bw IV (2.2 ml / 100 Kg bw).


For induction of anesthesia:
With medetomidine: Medetomidine 40 µg / Kg bw IM, followed by Ketamine 5 – 7.5 mg / Kg bw IM (0.5 – 0.75 ml / 10 Kg bw).
With xylazine: Xylazine 2 mg / Kg bw IM, after 10 minutes, Ketamine 10 mg / Kg bw IM (1 ml / 10 Kg bw). In dogs over 25 Kg bw reduce the dose of xylazine to 1.3 mg / Kg BW
With diazepam: Diazepam 0.25 mg / Kg bw IV, followed immediately by Ketamine 5 mg / Kg bw IV (0.5 ml / 10 Kg bw).

As a single agent: 11 mg / Kg bw of IM / IV ketamine for minor immobilization, 22 – 33 mg / Kg bw of IM / IV ketamine for minor surgery and immobilization of irritable cats.
For the induction of anesthesia: (anesthesia <1 hour) With medetomidine: Medetomidine 80 µg / Kg bw IM, followed by Ketamine 5 – 7.5 mg / Kg bw IM (0.25 – 0.4 ml / 5 Kg bw ). With xylazine: Xylazine 1 – 2 mg / Kg bw IM / SC and Ketamine 10 – 20 mg / Kg bw IM / SC (0.5 – 1 ml / 5 Kg bw). Intravenous route (horses, cattle, dogs and cats) Intramuscular route (pigs, dogs and cats), in cats also subcutaneously.


For use as a single agent for immobilization and minor surgical procedures in cats, where muscle relaxation is not required.
The induction of anesthesia:
a) In combination with detomidine in horses.
b) In combination with xylazine in horses, cattle, dogs, and cats.
c) In combination with azaperone in pigs.
d) In combination with medetomidine in dogs and cats.
e) In combination with diazepam in dogs.


Cattle and Equines:
Meat: zero days
Milk: zero hours
Meat: zero days

Buy Ketamina 100 lyfeunit

Buy Ketamina 100 lyfeunit
Ketamine 100
Order Ketamina 100 for Dogs
Order Ketamina 100 for Dogs

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Ketamina 100

15 50ml Vials, 25 50ml Vials, 50 50ml Vials, 100 50ml Vials

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  1. Mervette K.

    “I have Depression + Personality disorder. I’ve always felt there was something extra in my head, almost as if there were two consciousnesses tugging and pulling with every thought. I put it down to me as “Just being me” since the focus has been an issue throughout my entire life. Furthermore, I would fixate on relatively benign thoughts and create a reality-based around them. I used ketamine to separate those two fighting personalities, brokering peace between them; and revisit past traumas through CBT. For the first time in my entire life, it feels as if my thoughts are aligned with my actions. I’m not anchored on the past or waiting on the future – I’m just present.”

  2. cibx

    Ketamine transformed my life and I believe that it has given me the help I need to feel better. I have PTSD and MDD. It helps me so much with my depression so fast more so than any other medication. It helps me get through my day even with the crippling pain of depression and other trauma. I’m noticing fewer manifestations of my PTSD since taking ketamine in fact may be almost no symptoms. Without it, I maybe wouldn’t even be here today. This medication preserved my life and also supported me with the unrelenting pain I had when I damaged my knee. I felt almost no pain at all thanks to this ketamine from lyfeunit! order Pharmacy standard ketamine

  3. Katalie

    Aims  Ketamine remains an important medicine in both specialist anaesthesia and aspects of pain management. At the same time, its use as a recreational drug has spread in many parts of the world during the past few years. There are now increasing concerns about the harmful physical and psychological consequences of repeated misuse of this drug. The aim of this review was to survey and integrate the research literature on physical, psychological and social harms of both acute and chronic ketamine use.

    Method  The literature on ketamine was systematically searched and findings were classified into the matrix of Nutt et al.’s (2007) rational scale for assessing the harms of psychoactive substances.

    Results  A major physical harm is ketamine induced ulcerative cystitis which, although its aetiology is unclear, seems particularly associated with chronic, frequent use of the drug. Frequent, daily use is also associated with neurocognitive impairment and, most robustly, deficits in working and episodic memory. Recent studies suggest certain neurological abnormalities which may underpin these cognitive effects. Many frequent users are concerned about addiction and report trying but failing to stop using ketamine.

    Conclusions  The implications of these findings are drawn out for treatment of ketamine-induced ulcerative cystitis in which interventions from urologists and from addiction specialists should be coordinated. Neurocognitive impairment in frequent users can impact negatively upon achievement in education and at work, and also compound addiction problems. Prevention and harm minimization campaigns are needed to alert young people to these harmful and potentially chronic effects of ketamine.

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